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Renting a car from a driver training school

If you can’t borrow a car from anyone, or nobody’s available to drive you, check with driver training schools in the area to see if they can help. These schools may offer to pick you up on the day of the test, or meet you at the DMV and let you use one of the school’s vehicles for your exam. Prices vary but could run $80 or higher, depending on where you live. 

Renting a car from a rental company

Rental cars may be allowed for the road test, but it’s wise to double-check with your DMV before putting down money for a rental.

Typically, you can rent a vehicle in the U.S. as long as you hold a valid license from another country — plus an International Driving Permit, depending on your state. Rental car companies allow only those with a valid license to drive their cars, so this option won’t work if you hold only a learner’s permit.

Rental cars also have to be insured. You can buy coverage for the rental vehicle from the rental company or get insurance through the credit card you use to pay, depending on the card.